The Dexter R-XI Board of Education and staff believe the function of the School District is to serve the eligible youth by meeting their educational needs. Therefore, we believe:

  1. All Children, regardless of academic ability, have a right to a free and appropriate education.

  2. Every student should develop an awareness of the necessity that learning and the desire for knowledge be a life-long process.

  3. The school, community, and parents must work together to provide educational opportunities for the youth of the school district.

  4. Every child should learn basic essential skills in math, reading, language arts, social studies, and science; and appropriate opportunities will be provided for the learning of these basic skills.

  5. Every student should have an opportunity to develop an appreciation for a basic knowledge of the fine arts and practical arts.

  6. Every student should graduate with good citizenship skills and be prepared for success in post-secondary education or immediate employment.

  7. It is the school's goal to help students clarify and develop appropriate character traits, values, and ethics which will prepare them to walk in harmony with their fellow man and be productive citizens in our democratic society.

  8. Every student should be treated with respect and provided with an environment which is free of negative influences and which will encourage the recognition of self-worth.

  9. Every student should have the opportunity to develop basic life skills, become a responsible decision maker, have a good work ethic, and be able to adjust to the needs of a rapidly changing society.

  10. All students need a basic education in health, recreation, and physical education.

  11. Every student shall have a reasonable opportunity to participate in extra-curricular activities.

The education of our youth will be the guiding force of the Dexter R-XI School District. Every effort will be made to accomplish the mandates of the patrons of the school district, the state of Missouri, and the federal government. Sound financial management will be used by the school district to hire qualified staff, implement programs, purchase necessary equipment and supplies, and provide facilities to meet these goals.