2024-2025 Salary Schedule

Applicants must submit a completed application packet as outlined in the letter on the front of the application. Applications may be obtained from the Administration Office, 1031 Brown Pilot Lane, Dexter, MO 63841 or by calling #573-614-1000 for an application to be mailed or emailed.

  1. Administrators to be involved in the interview process for the specific position in question will conduct a pre-interview conference among themselves to determine

    1. The candidate(s) to interview via the examination of the application packets and

    2. An interview schedule.

  2. Interviews will be conducted

    1. By at least two (2) administrators including one central office administrator and a building-level administrator if a building-level position,

    2. To give the candidate the opportunity to tour the facility of employment, and

    3. To give the candidate ample opportunity to ask questions and thereby conduct his/her interview of the district.

  3. The primary areas which will be discussed in the interview process are as follows:

    1. Knowledge of the instructional process,

    2. Philosophy of student/teacher relationships,

    3. Philosophy of staff relationships,

    4. Professional development,

    5. Knowledge of the function of the district policy,

    6. Organizational skills, and

    7. Financial management.

  4. The administration involved in the interview will conduct a post-interview conference

    1. To discuss the interview,

    2. To select the candidate for employment, and

    3. To follow up with candidate references.

  5. Interviewed candidates and selected candidate will be notified by phone or letter as soon as the final employment decision is made by the Board of Education. A contract will be completed and offered to the successful candidate following the Board’s motion to employ.