Dear Parent/Guardian:

This letter is provided as an annual update regarding the status of asbestos in our schools. Asbestos containing materials were removed at Southwest Elementary and Dexter Senior High School in the summer of 1990 and 1991.

The six-month surveillance required by the district's operation and maintenance plan is complete with no noted changes.

All asbestos containing materials in this site were in good condition with no deterioration noted in the inspected areas. The asbestos management plans were reviewed in 2013.

All previous response actions have been taken. By contract, there are no asbestos-containing building materials in any recent renovation.

The district's maintenance staff is trained in asbestos inspection and repair of asbestos. The remaining material, which is in floor tile in the High School, Southwest, and Middle School, is monitored on a regular basis during routine maintenance and during the six-month surveillance. It remains in an excellent state of repair and presents no threat to the students and teachers in those buildings.

If you have questions or concerns regarding asbestos in our schools, please call Mr. Mitchell Wood #614-1000.