Board of Education Policy JO (Student Records) identifies “Directory Information” as information contained in an education record of a student that generally would not be considered harmful or an invasion of privacy if disclosed. The Dexter school district designates the following items as directory information for students in grades K-12, with two exceptions:

  1. Student’s name

  2. Parent’s name

  3. Address (9-12th grade only)

  4. Telephone number (9-12th grade only)

  5. Date and place of birth

  6. Grade level

  7. Enrollment status

  8. Participation in school-based activities and sports

  9. Weight and height of members of athletic teams

  10. Dates of attendance

  11. Degrees, honors, and awards received

  12. Artwork or coursework displayed by the district

  13. Most recent previous school attended

  14. Photographs, videotapes, digital images, and recorded sound unless such photographs, videotapes, digital images, and recorded sound would be considered harmful or an invasion of privacy

Federal law allows school districts to disclose information from student records if: 1) the information is not considered harmful or an invasion of privacy; 2) the district has notified parents and eligible students that the information will be released without parental consent unless the district receives a written objection; and 3) the parent or eligible student has not
notified (in writing) the school that the information should not be released.

As a parent or eligible student, you have ten (10) school days after this notice to provide notice in writing to the school district that you choose to not have this information released. Unless notified to the contrary in writing within the ten (10) school-day period, the school district may disclose any of the those items designated as “Directory Information” without the parent or eligible student’s prior written consent including in print and electronic publications of the school.