The role of a school guidance counselor is to help guide and structure children’s educational and vocational direction as they progress through the K-12 educational program. A guidance counselor helps students determine courses of study and possible vocations. Counselors try to understand what motivates each student as well as his or her skills and desires. Guidance counselors also spend their time in consultations with students and parents and in administering and evaluating tests for state and district standardized and special education assessments. Guidance counselors use the results to provide context for existing records of academic performance and a better overall understanding of students’ needs. The district counselors also use interventions to include group counseling curriculum lessons. The school counselors work with elementary, middle, and high school students to provide academic, career, college access, and personal/social competencies.

The Dexter R-XI School District counseling staff includes

Southwest Elementary Counselor

  • Starla Pulley

Central Elementary Counselor

  • Hillary Mayberry

T.S Hill Middle School Counselor

  • Christy Colyer

Dexter High School Counselors

  • Laura Lee Stone

  • Amber Nea

These individuals can be reached by calling the designated building office phone number.