Migrant and Limited English Proficiency Student Plan for Identification and Instruction

The Dexter R-XI School District recognizes the importance of identifying and providing services to students who enroll in the district whose primary language is one other than English.

To identify students whose primary language is one other than English, the following steps of identification will be incorporated:

  1. Each student or his/her representative will be asked the primary form of language on either district’s enrollment form.
  2. When it is indicated that English is not the primary language spoken in the home, a screening will be administered with the assistance of an interpreter, if needed.
  3. The survey results will be studied to determine the extent of proficiency the student has in speaking English.

To provide appropriate educational services to English as Second Language (ESL) students, the following steps will be incorporated:

  1. A family interview will be conducted to determine the level of proficiency of speaking English in the home and to determine the primary language spoken in the home.
  2. The school district will develop an educational program for children identified as “Language Minority” or “Limited English Proficient” students.