About Central Elementary

Central Elementary School serves nearly 500 students, grades three through five, in the Dexter Public School District. Our instructional staff strives to provide a safe and comfortable learning environment that inspires our students to work hard, think critically, and do their best in everything that they do.

Throughout the day, students move to different classrooms to receive specialized instruction in English Language Arts (which includes reading, writing, spelling, and grammar) and Mathematics. All students have ninety minutes of uninterrupted instruction time in these subjects every day, allowing teachers and students to focus more on needed skills and provide more individualized and rigorous learning opportunities.

Our mission is to help every student at Central succeed to their fullest potential and develop confidence in themselves and their abilities.

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Mission Statement

Central Elementary School will guide students toward educational excellence by providing a positive and safe learning environment which fosters respect, responsibility, and cooperation among students, their families and the community.

Our Goals:
  • Every student should develop an awareness that learning and the desire for knowledge is a lifelong process.
  • The school, community, and parents must work together to provide educational opportunities for the youth of the school district.
  • Every child should learn the basic essential skills in mathematics, reading, language arts, social studies, and science. Appropriate opportunities will be provided for the learning of these basic skills.
  • Every student should have an opportunity to develop an appreciation for and a basic knowledge of fine arts.
  • Every student should develop good citizenship skills, develop appropriate character traits, learn to be responsible for his/her behavior, and learn to work independently.
  • Every student should be treated with respect and provided with an environment which is free of negative influences and which will encourage recognition and self-worth.
  • All students need a basic education in health, recreation, and physical education.
  • Every student should have an opportunity to learn basic computer skills.