Professional Development Plan

The Professional Development Committee (PDC) of the Dexter Public Schools has developed the following district-wide Professional Development Plan (PDP).  The PDC has developed such a plan annually since the adoption of the District Professional Development policy in 1988.  The Professional Development Committee sets times to meet to assess, plan, and discuss district professional development activities.  The committee is composed of eight (8) members (two from each attendance center) with the superintendent serving as an ex-officio member.  Each member serves a 3-year alternating term.  If a member cannot complete his/her term, the building principal will assign a staff member to complete the remainder of the term.

The Outstanding Schools Act of 1993 requires that the Professional Development Plan be closely aligned with the Comprehensive School Improvement Plan, which is developed as a part of the Missouri School Improvement Program.  During the 2007-08 school year, the Dexter School District developed a new five-year Comprehensive School Improvement Plan that became effective in July 2008 and submitted the plan to the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.  The District received an MSIP Mini-Review visit in March 2009 and was Fully Accredited by DESE, and this process remains ongoing.  The Professional Development Plan is also closely aligned with district goals, as identified and approved by the Board of Education. In addition, the PDC has reviewed and considered the results of the Professional Development Questionnaire completed by the teaching staff each spring.

The following goals are based upon needs assessment, are a part of the Comprehensive School Improvement Plan, and are targeted by the PDP.  (This list is illustrative only and not intended to be all-inclusive.)

The District will
Develop and implement written curriculum according to the timelines established in the Curriculum Materials Review and Revision Plan adopted by the District in May 1993.

Implement a system to assess student progress and program effectiveness for all vocational programs.

Emphasize that MAP scores of students in tested grades will continue to show improvement in proficiency in all subject areas where the test is given.

Create an effective learning environment that will contribute to students wanting to stay in school and resulting in steady improvement toward attaining the goal of less than a 5% annual dropout rate.

Provide support and in-service for first and second year teachers which will improve the transition from being a college student to becoming a master teacher.

Improve the teaching skills of all professional staff members through the availability of in-service programs and appropriate out-of-district activities.

Upgrade the skills of the staff in utilizing technology for instructional and administrative purposes with particular emphasis on the use of the Internet.

Work toward improving student discipline, especially in the areas of violence, sexual
harassment, bullying, weapons, etc.

Participate as a member of the Regional Professional Development Center.

Emphasize the improvement of student study and thinking skills.

Provide opportunities for teachers to learn more about hands-on learning/active learning.

Work toward improving the knowledge of both teachers and students concerning technology applications.

Provide opportunities for teachers and administrators to learn more about student self-esteem.

Provide opportunities for teachers and administrators to learn more about Missouri Performance Standards and Performance Based Assessment.


Approved professional development activities may include the following if sufficiently related to one or more of the above-mentioned goals:

         1. Consultant/presenter fees and expenses.

         2. Travel and registration fees to in-service training and professional development

         3. Stipends for teachers' participation in curriculum development and related work
                     during the summer.

         4. Stipends for teachers' participation in evening and weekend in-service and
                     professional development events.

         5. Substitute teacher pay to permit teachers to participate in planned activities during the
                     regular school day.

         6. Travel expenses for inter-district visitation.

         7. Travel expenses to DESE and teacher organization sponsored meetings when
                     sufficiently related to the above mentioned goals.

         8. Membership fees for the Southeast Professional Development Center.

         9. Materials and supplies necessary for teacher professional development

10.  Stipends for teachers who serve as mentors to 1st and 2nd year teachers,and

                     “buddy teachers” for experienced teachers new to the district.

        11. Other, with appropriate documentation.

When a district employee requests to participate in a professional development activity, a form called the Request to Attend Workshops, Clinics, Meetings, Etc. must be completed and submitted to the building principal or immediate supervisor to see if it meets with the intent of this PDP and if it is within the parameters of the professional development budget.  The form includes a statement about which district goal or area of critical need will be addressed by the activity.  Printed information about the activity should accompany the request.  If the supervisor or superintendent denies the request, it may be appealed to the PDC by contacting the PDC Chairperson.  If appealed by the PDC, the teacher must be able to show how the request falls within the parameters of the Professional Development Plan.


It is required by this district Professional Development Plan that personnel participating in activities approved under this plan are to complete an evaluation form and submit it to the PDC within ten (10) days of the completion of the activity.

The budget will meet or exceed the state requirements.

Professional Development Committee Meeting Dates 2014-2015

August 8, 2014              New Employee Workshop
August 11 and           See Back-to-School Schedule for Embedded

August 13, 2014         Professional Development Training

August 12, 2014         Todd Whitaker
                                   District-wide professional development
                                  9:00 AM to 11:00 AM
September 3, 2014       PDC Meeting in Board Room
                                  3:30 PM

September 22, 2014    Professional Development Day

November 5, 2014   PDC Meeting in Board Room
                                      3:30 PM

January 5, 2015         Professional Development/Workday
January 7, 2015         PDC Meeting in Board Room
                                      3:30 PM

March 4, 2015        PDC Meeting in Board Room
3:30 PM
May 6, 2015             PDC Meeting in Board Room
                                  3:30 PM